We Support SOHO & side businesses, and new companies and ventures. Shinjuku-ku Tokyo, Yotsuya Business Garden

We Support SOHO & side businesses, and new companies and ventures. Shinjuku-ku Tokyo, Yotsuya Business Garden. mail to us03-3358-1913
We Support SOHO and side businesses, and new companies and ventures. Shinjuku-ku Tokyo,Yotsuya Business Garden

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Malaysia Exchanging and VISA support company

Ms. Tan is from Penan Island, Malaysia. She previously worked for ETIHAD and other airlines as a cabin attendant. Now she is the CEO of a縲well-established visa support and educational support company. Ms. Tan speaks a range of languages such as English, Japanese, Chinese and Malay. Her hobbies include cooking and visiting hot springs. She also loves Japanese culture.


JAPAN IDEAL BUSINESS Co,.Ltd. (For studying)
HPシ http://www.ryugaku.gr.jp/

HPシ http://www.myhomemm2h.jp/

CEO Ms.Tan

CEO Ms.Tan

You offer support with visa窶冱, please tell us more details and features of your company.

A main part of our business is to support people who wish to live in Malaysia. Specifically, we arrange English language study abroad, parents/family members study abroad, university study abroad, local business training etc.., so we are providing support for those people who want to study abroad at educational institutions in Malaysia that meet international education standards.

Malaysia used to be part of the commonwealth for more than 170 years, so now the common language is English. Especially, Penan Island used to be a colony of Great Britain. The English level is high and there are also university branches from Great Britain and Australia. People choose to study at these universities in Penan Island, so that, after 3/4 years they have the opportunity to transfer to USA, GB or AUS to finish their studies there.
Studying in Malaysia is cost effective. The institutions and living expenses are considerably cheap and with the high English level we recommend Malaysia especially Penan Island.

Our other business is visa support. The Malaysian government offers MM2H, which is a long stay visa. It is very popular among seniors who wish to have a second home after retirement. Applying for the MM2H visa requires companies which are authorized by the Malaysian Government. Our company has the authorization from Tourism Malaysia.

What do you think of the serviced offices?

Yotsuya is perfectly located in a safe environment and is very convenient. It is easy to access from anywhere in Tokyo. As the office is close to the station it is really easy for our customers. I am also more than satisfied with the telephone answering services provided in English. The building is also very well maintained and always clean.

Why did you choose Business Garden?

I wanted to save on initial cost. At Business Garden I found a spacious private office with windows from 50,000 – 100,000 yen/per month. Another factor is Business Garden eagerly accepts foreigners. So it was an easy process for us to have an office rented here.



CEO Ms.Tan