We Support SOHO & side businesses, and new companies and ventures. Shinjuku-ku Tokyo, Yotsuya Business Garden

We Support SOHO & side businesses, and new companies and ventures. Shinjuku-ku Tokyo, Yotsuya Business Garden. mail to us03-3358-1913
We Support SOHO and side businesses, and new companies and ventures. Shinjuku-ku Tokyo,Yotsuya Business Garden

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TekMonks Corp.

TekMonks Corp.
Director IT Transformation縲Mr. Raja Karim

Accomplished professional with over 20 years of extensive international experience in the Insurance and IT industry, delivering assignments in UK, Canada, US, Japan and HK. Skilled in strategic planning, decision making, senior management, budget control and problem resolution. Outstanding communication talent with proven ability to build and lead highly effective teams. Proven record of delivering mission control projects within budget and on schedule.
Loves playing snooker, taking long walks and cooking. Fluent in English, Urdu and Punjabi, while learning Japanese in progress.


TekMonks Corp.
HPシ http://tekmonks.com

According to your website, you provide business IT consulting service. Please tell us more details and features of your company.

We are a global company which provides IT services for large enterprise customers with the subsidiaries in U.S., Canada, India and Japan, and we are expanding to more regions this year. Despite the fact that TekMonks is new in Japan, we have already worked with many Japanese IT and insurance companies. Since it窶冱 a big opportunity for us to expand our business to developed markets including Japan, we started off with big insurance companies, and then now we are moving on to pharmaceutical industries.

What is your business prospect?

We strive to bring new technologies to those big insurance companies that are still using old systems. The reasons why we chose Japan as a new target market縲is that Japan has not adopted new technologies in many areas of businesses. Knowing that the insurance industry in Japan is very saturated, making it very hard for many foreign companies to enter, we still believe that the Japanese insurance market needs a new platform which we can help with our new technologies brought from U.S. and Canada.

Why did you choose Business Garden and how do you feel about using Shinjuku Business Garden?

When we started our company, our lawyer recommended Shinjuku Business Garden. I would say that the reason why we chose Business Garden is its reasonability and quality. We can get everything that we need to start a business for a very reasonable price that can be doubled if we use other serviced offices. For entrepreneurs and start-up companies, I think Business Garden is a perfect fit in terms of the cost which you need to keep as low as possible if you start your own business from scratch. Besides that, the location is very good. It窶冱 very accessible for our business partners and clients from most major metropolitan areas.

TekMonks Corp.

Many of our customers are foreign-registered companies and individuals doing business with foreign companies. From the point of view of a global company, what do you think of Business Garden?

As I said, keeping cost low is crucial when we are doing business because it makes it possible for us to provide services to our clients at a reasonable price. So from that point of view, I think it is a very smart decision to choose Business Garden when setting up your office in Tokyo whether or not you are a foreign company. I also should say that having your office in Shinjuku, one of the biggest cities in the central Tokyo, can help your company look well established.